Cité de la musique


Cité de la musique

The showpiece of the Cité de la musique, the concert hall has been designed to enable all musical genres to be performed there. Seating 1,000 spectators, with a 15-metre-high ceiling and exceptional acoustic quality, the concert hall boasts double adaptability:

  • acoustic adaptability with mobile curtains behind the loges and reversible ceiling panels
  • stage adaptability to comply with the configurations required by different musical works or genres.

The hall’s flat floor as well as the fact that all the seats in the stalls can be removed to clear the space for the audience during concerts of contemporary or world music or to set up the stage in the middle also contribute to its absolute flexibility. This “non-polarized” auditorium allows a variable and innovative relation between musicians and the audience

Credits : © P.-E. Rastoin / Cité de la musique

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