Christoph Pregardien and Menahem Pressler perform Schubert: Winter Journey
2012 Verbier Festival

Christoph Prégardien is a specialist of Schubert’s Lieder and performed several recordings of Winterreise (Winter Journey), in piano and orchestral versions. Here he is now at the Verbier Festival, accompanied by the German pianist Menahem Pressler.

"As a stranger I arrived / as a stranger I shall leave"
Wilhelm Müller

The pianist who was described as a “poet” by the New York Times is the best accompanist that could be for these verses by Wilhelm Müller. The German poet depicts Romantics torments and spleen at the beginning of the XIXth century, in the same style as a Musset. The winter symbolizes here death that would hit Schubert at the age of 30, only one year after the release of this Lieder cycle.

This concert, recorded on the 31st of July in Verbier, was broadcast on on August 1, 2012.

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Broadcast date : Aug. 1, 2012, 9 a.m.

Duration : 01 h 11 min
Location : Verbier Church (Verbier, Switzerland)
Recording date : 30/07/2012
Production date : 2012
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