Evgeny Kissin plays Chopin

Verbier Festival 2009

Evgeny Kissin the genious, the virtuoso, and above all, the Chopin performer.

More than any other pianists on the contemporary scene, Kissin has a special relationship with the Franco-Polish composer. Invited by the Verbier Festival Orchestra and its music director Charles Dutoit, Evgeny Kissin plays the Second piano concerto, a milestone of the Romantic music, performed here with the depth and the almost dreamy lyricism which characterize the Chopin masterpieces.

Renowned for his ability to understand the works and play them in a truly original way, the pianist gives in the second part of this programme a rendition of some of the most gorgeous pages of the Chopin Études, which are simultaneously very virtuoso and highly flexible and harmonious on a musical level: at the end of the concert, a standing ovation of over fifteen minutes burst for the man who, once more, illustrated himself as an artist of exception.

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Movie directors : Sébastien Glas, François-René Martin
Collection : The Verbier Festival
Playlists : Chopin's Greatest Performers and Works, The Piano Masters, Selection of The Month
Musical period : Romantic music
Music genre : Recitals and chamber music

Duration : 56 min
Production date : 2009
Production : © Idéale Audience

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