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Bluesland, a Portrait in American Music

A Portrait in American Music

Masters of American Music is an award-winning television series of ten shows that celebrate a pantheon of the greatest innovators in Jazz.

Both the video and audio content now has been restored and remastered in accordance with state-of-the-art specifications, employing award-winning tools exclusively for this production. Produced by Toby Byron, it was the first TV series devoted to Jazz.

Individual programmes trace the lives and works of master musicians who defined the course of America's classical music. From its birth in New Orleans, to swing, the big bands, bebop, free Jazz and beyond: all of it is explored with sensitivity and in unique depth. The blues is a celebration, a joyful, complex and compelling music built on self-expression and entertainment.

Bluesland – A Portrait In American Music explores the blues – with all its poetic irony and sly humor, its eroticism and timeless power. A uniquely creative and highly visual look at American blues, Bluesland travels the expansive landscape of the music, tracing its roots from the beginning of the 20th century through the Mississippi Delta to Louisiana, Texas, Kansas City and Chicago. With rare and memorable film performances of the blues' greatest performers: Son House, Bessie Smith, Jimmy Rushing, Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, Joe Turner, T-Bone Walker, B.B. King and many, many more.

Bluesland historically follows the music's many tributaries as blues flows into the sophisticated jazz of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Count Basie, the rhythm and blues of Louis Jordan and Dinah Washington, and the rock and roll of Chuck Berry and Elvis. Bluesland is a moving, authentic and illustrative overview of the blues – a must for all music lovers. With Albert Murray and Robert Palmer. Hosted by Keith David. Filmed in Mississippi, Dallas, Texas and New York City.

Movie director : Ken Mandel
Collection : Masters of American Music
Music genre : Jazz

Duration : 01 h 24 min
Production date : 1993
Production : © East Stinson Inc. / Toby Byron / Multiprises
Available version(s) : EN

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