Mariss Jansons and Hilary Hahn perform Weber, Shostakovich and Dvořák

Berliner Philharmoniker

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra proves once again its incomparable sound.

In the stunning Suntary Hall of Tokyo, Mariss Jansons displays Mendelssohn's enchantment with the Oberon Ouverture. The conductor creates a miracle in this first romantic piece oscillating between orchestral virtuosity and evocations of the ethereal.

Bearing both elegance and sobriety, the violinist Hilary Hahn reveals the works of Shostakovich, tackling the complexities with ease. The young violinist creates a lyrical enchantment of Shostakovich's work through her ability to produce near-unique sounds from her violin. Known for the homogeneity of its chords and its unrivaled sense of cohesion, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra brings back the Slavic charm with Dvorak's Eighth symphony. May it be rhythmic energy, melancholy or romantic reverie, all dimensions of Dvorak's work find an echo under the baton of Mariss Jansons.

Movie director : Schoichi Nisikawa
Collection : Inspirational women of classical music
Playlists : Russian Music, The Best of Violin, The Musical Life in Former USSR
Musical period : Music from the 20th century
Music genre : Orchestral music
Musical forms : Concerto, Symphony

Duration : 01 h 39 min
Production date : 2000
Production : © EuroArts

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