Attrazione d'amore

Riccardo Chailly and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

A documentary illustrating the unique working relation that has developed between the conductor Riccardo Chailly and his world famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

The film features rehearsals and performances of works by composers such as Mahler, Mozart, Debussy, Stravinsky and Varese, and Puccini's opera 'Tosca'. These musical highlights are combined with interviews with Luciano Berio, orchestra members and Riccardo Chailly himself, thus giving the viewer insight into the special relationship that has grown up between Chailly and the Concertgebouw Orchestra over the last ten years. An exceptional relationship of mutual love between a gifted conductor and a fascinating orchestra based on the magical attraction of music. A real "Attrazione d'Amore."

Movie directors : Frank Scheffer, Riccardo Chailly

Duration : 56 min
Production date : 1998
Production : © Allegri Avro
Available version(s) : EN

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