Atelier Lyrique de l'Opéra national de Paris

The Paris National Opera’s Atelier Lyrique, (Workshop for Singers) offers a proficiency course for twelve young singers and four young choirmasters at the start of their career.

The Atelier’s mission is to prepare these young artists for the demands of their future profession while offering high level tutoring from the best professionals in the field of opera and theatre. It is indeed important that young talent can, for two seasons, deepen their knowledge, acquire a sense of musical rigour and lastly, understand the interaction of a work’s dramaturgy. Well-known specialists are invited to transmit their knowledge to these young artists during lyrical projects, which associate musical interpretation, work with the orchestra and performing arts.

Since 2005, the Atelier Lyrique directed by Christian Schirm, offer these young soloists numerous productions and concerts: a concert conducted by Jean-François Verdier at the Palais Gernier, Handel and Lully concert at the Auditorium du Louvre, Domenico Cimarosa’s Secret Mariage at the MC93 in Bobigny, Ravel’s The Child and the Spells at the Bastille Opera’s Amphitheatre etc.

The Paris National Opera’s Atelier Lyrique regularly performs abroad, (London, Rome). Moreover, the young soloists are cast in numerous roles in the productions given at the Bastille Opera and Palais Garnier. The Association for the Extended Influence of the Paris Nataional Opera supports the Atelier Lyrique and set up the Atelier Lyrique’s Circle of Founders.

Upper right picture : © M. Magliocca. Central picture : © M. Magliocca.

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