Agnès Letestu, A star with the soul of an artist

Portrait of the Etoile Dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet

A protegee of Rudolf Nureyev, who let her dance Gamzatti in 1992 when she was not even a Première Danseuse, Agnès Letestu was an Étoile of the Paris Opera Ballet from 1997 to 2013.

Long-limbed and elegant, the star dancer Agnes Letestu was, as a young girl, the last student to be taught by Rudolf Nureyev.

Under the guidance of this mythical master, Agnes Letestu developed into a dancer of astonishing precision, notably in her interpretations of the great roles of the repertory, most famously that of Odile/Odette in Swan Lake.

A perfectionist to the points of her shoes, Agnes Letestu displays in this documentary the dazzling array of her talents: not only as a dancer but also as a stylist, choreographer and even an actress under the direction of Jean-Laurent Cochet.

Equally at ease on the stage of the Opera Garnier as in diving undersea (where she has choreographed underwater improvisations), Agnes Letestu generously shares with the viewer her magnificent journey as a star dancer.

Agnès Letestu

Brigitte Lefèvre
Élisabeth Platel
Ghislaine Thesmar
Jean-Laurent Cochet

Movie director : Jean-Marie David
Music genre : Ballet

Duration : 25 min
Production date : 2006
Production : © CasaDei Productions / Mezzo
Available version(s) : FR

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