24 hours with Rolando Villazón

Werther at the Lyon Opera House

If Rolando Villazón was a great Werther, it is not as a singer in Massenet's opera in January 2010 that he proved himself. At the Opéra de Lyon, he signed his very first mise-en-scène in the opera that gave him an international reputation of which he is famous today – he was notably acclaimed in Nice in 2006, and then in the staging in Munich Jürgen Rose, played in March 2009 at the Opéra Bastille.

A year from the staging by Benoît Jacquot at the Opéra Bastille, Villazón provides a completely different vision of this lyrical drama inspired by Goethe's novel. Assisted by Nola Rae, a clown and mime hailing from London, he introduces to the stage a colourful universe filled with birdcages. It is an almost infantile reinterpretation of the troubles of the hero, seen as simple adolescent brooding, thus de-sacralizing the story which lead to a wave of suicides when the novel first appeared – something that Goethe himself never understood.

With this documentary, you will have the chance to "cross through the mirror" with one of the greatest lyrical tenors in the world.

Movie director : Marie Guilloux
Collection : 24 hours with...
Music genre : Voice

Duration : 34 min
Production date : 2011
Production : © Morgane / Groupe Morgane

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